/ˈkīräs/ noun  THEOLOGY: a propitious moment for decision or action.

It's not just enough to claim the veil of Christianity. We recognize that by calling ourselves Christians, we must strive to incorporate our faith in everything we do. It is our desire to walk with Christ in such a way that, even though we are young, we can be used as examples for others on how to truly live a Christian life without having to compromise.

We have inherited the faith of our family members both past and present - however, we must not allow ourselves to grow complacent. We have reached a stage in life where we must no longer stand in the shadows of our forefather's faith, but rather step out into the light. It is time for us to allow ourselves to be tested - and through perseverance, increase our faith that it may be a light for others. Now is the time. Now is OUR KAIROS!

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